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Admiralty and Maritime
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This area of our practice often overlaps and commingles with energy related claims. A substantial portion of our maritime practice arises out of accidents that occur on support vessels for the offshore oil and gas industry. Our maritime practice includes Jones Act litigation, maritime collisions and allisions, charterer’s liability and general maritime negligence claims. It also extends to vessels traversing the bays and waterways of south Louisiana, including the Intracoastal Waterway. This practice area also overlaps substantially with contractual defense and indemnity issues, which often arise between the employer of an injured party, the charterer, and the vessel. We regularly represent P&I insurers/clubs, MEL insurers and vessel interests with significant SIRs. 

Our admiralty and maritime practice includes the following areas: 

  • Contract review, drafting and negotiation

  • Insurance coverage assessment and interpretation

  • Jones Act litigation

  • 33 USC § 905(b)

  • General maritime law negligence

  • Charterer’s liability

  • Ship repairer’s liability

  • Maritime personal injury

  • Property damage defense

  • Contractual indemnity analysis

  • Wharfinger's liability

  • Terminal Operator's liability

  • Limitation of liability

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