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Contractual Defense and Indemnity

In Louisiana, the enforcement of contractual defense, indemnity and additional insured provisions typically requires intimate knowledge and expertise in the Louisiana Anti-Indemnity Act, the Texas Anti-Indemnity Act and 33 USC § 905(b). Our attorneys have been involved in many of the cases that have shaped this area of the law. We have published law review articles and lectured in a variety of settings on these topics.


  • Contract review, drafting and interpretation

  • Insurance coverage assessment and interpretation

  • Additional Insured and omnibus insured claims

  • Louisiana and Texas Anti-Indemnity Acts

  • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act ("OCSLA")

  • 33 USC Section 905(b) & (c)

  • La. C.C. Art. 2004

  • Pre-Tender Attorney's Fees

  • Breach of Contract to indemnify or secure insurance

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